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1. Humanity demonstration Bluetooth speaker operation function geometry of course, if a Bluetooth speaker lacks enough convenient sense of operation, then such products will undoubtedly lack a lot of vitality, and the introduction of Bluetooth speaker products, the main consumer group, or belong to the young and the elderly, the former is a fresh number. Code products are curious, while the latter wants to hear what they want to hear in a simple way, so the manufacturer still needs a lot of effort in operating experience.
2. Suitable for the needs of different age groups
Manufacturers have put an important part of their minds on functional innovation, such as touch buttons, gesture operation, or the now popular NFC near-field communication functions, which are all focused on the development of relatively new technologies. I believe that in the future, eye operation will gradually come on the stage.
3. The combination of APP is the lack of products in the past.
Through several recent products, Xiaobian also sees a new direction of Bluetooth speakers today, that is, the better combination of APP and speakers, even without touching the buttons on the machine body, can achieve remote control, and the human operation UI is also realized to a greater extent on APP.
4. Three-band Game Bluetooth Sound Quality Sensory Geometry
Speaking of speakers from the emergence to the present, an important one is undoubtedly the presentation of sound. If any speaker lacks excellent sound quality performance, then it is not far from being abandoned by the market, so the sound quality performance of speakers is undoubtedly an important link.
5. Enjoying music is true
But to be honest, because the bottleneck of wireless technology is difficult to break through in essence, there is still a certain gap between the overall evaluation of Bluetooth speakers and wired speakers. However, the reason why consumers choose Bluetooth speakers is still inseparable from manufacturers'efforts in the development of sound quality. It's worth a little praise.
6. Good products never lack buyers
With the application of many new technologies, the quality of Bluetooth speaker can be guaranteed to a large extent. The design of levitation low frequency and unit inclination can effectively avoid the reflection of the sound source, and the effect of high and low frequency can be better. So without good sound quality, Bluetooth speakers may have disappeared from our eyes.
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