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Speaker equipment is a kind of hardware equipment commonly used by many people. With the development of technology, speaker technology is also ushering in the upgrade and development, such as the Bluetooth speaker. With this function, users can remotely control the use of smart speakers through Bluetooth speaker APP terminal device, such as music playing or music stopping, or the operation of its functions. Bluetooth speaker APP lets you use more smart devices.
Brief analysis of Bluetooth speaker APP development function scheme is as follows:
1. Wireless Connection Function: Through Bluetooth technology, Bluetooth speaker and mobile phone APP terminal can realize wireless connection function and remote control.
2. Song on demand function: directly through the smart speaker APP or smart speaker directly through voice on-line song on demand, remote wireless control.
3. Music control function: Music control mainly includes volume control, playback time setting, progress bar control and other functions. With the cooperation of intelligent speaker and APP, the mode of control is more abundant.
4. Music Playing Function: Music can be played online through other music APPs, and other music APPs can play this way after connecting.
5. Telephone communication function: that is, through Bluetooth speaker can achieve telephone communication function, through Bluetooth speaker can also answer the phone.
6. Function of boutique mall: Bluetooth speaker APP can bring more online purchasing and consumption of goods in brands, and is also a platform for merchants to publicize their products.
With the development of Internet of Things technology, the combination of intelligent hardware and Internet software is becoming more and more intensive. Many intelligent hardware devices are integrated into intelligent terminal platforms such as APP. Users are more convenient to operate and use this software and enjoy more intelligent devices. The convenience of standby use.
+ 86-15384246132
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