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How to correctly use and maintain the speaker Bluetooth speaker manufacturers speaker is an important part of the whole audio system, the value of which is about half of the whole system, so it must be treated properly.
(1) Avoid placing them in places where the sun is directly exposed to the sun. Do not close to thermal radiation appliances, such as stoves, heating pipes, etc. and do not place them in damp places.
(2) Before connecting the speaker to the amplifier, the power of the amplifier should be cut off to avoid damaging the speaker.
(3) The feeder connection with the amplifier should be stable. When pulled, it should not fall off and the positive and negative polarities should not be misconnected. The feeder connecting the loudspeaker should be thick enough and not too long to avoid loss and damp deterioration. The response is 0.5dB0 with large deviation frequency. The 75mm2 conductor is 9 cm long, 1. The 5 mm 2 conductor has a large length of 14 m, 2. The length of 0 mm2 wire is 21 M.
(4) Attention should be paid to whether the impedance of loudspeaker is suitable for the recommended value of amplifier speaker manufacturer.
The rated power shall not be used beyond the limit. Otherwise, the sound quality will deteriorate and even damage the loudspeaker.
The outer shell should be wiped with soft, dry cotton cloth, and not coated with furniture wax or benzene or alcohols.
_The dust on the speaker surface can only be removed with a soft brush, not with a vacuum cleaner.
(5) The speaker should be placed on a solid floor to avoid bass attenuation. Don't put the speaker too close to the wall.
Don't put the speaker too close to the disc to avoid the scream caused by sound feedback.
_If there are medium and high tone level adjustments, they can be adjusted to satisfy the requirements of sound release.
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