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1. The common fault of power amplifier is bad capacitor or burning power amplifier tube, which has the problem of our use, but most of the equipment itself is unstable.
2. I also found that some amplifiers will have a channel without sound failure, the problem is still the internal circuit problems.
3. As for other faults, there are some other problems, such as poor contact of the amplifier volume potentiometer, unbalanced left and right channels, too frequent protection function, bad contact of the back panel work switch and signal 3 socket. In a word, the amplifier is an electrical equipment which is easy to break down in the current audio system.
4. Of course, the common fault of the speaker part is the problem of the speaker. It can be said that the most common fault in a sound system is the burning of the speaker. Of course, there are human factors, but most of them are the quality problems of the speaker itself.
5. Another common failure of speakers is that the connection ports are aging and the contacts are not good, especially the frequent flow speakers are prone to this failure. Above these equipment own breakdown general acoustics division is unable to repair, in the previous article I said, acoustics division to achieve "professional", if what power amplifier is broken, the speaker is broken those are maintenance engineers, our acoustics division's scope of work is to match the sound system well, tune all kinds of sound well. That's all. This kind of malfunction is usually due to the loudness of the speaker, so after a long period of use, the subwoofer was burned. This is quite normal. Friends who like bass think that the larger the volume, the better. Some friends can even turn it up very high, and the volume is more than 70%, so it is easy to burn the bass. Usually, 30% - 50% of the volume and 30% - 40% of the bass are recommended. In addition, this may be the case of broken ends.
+ 86-15384246132
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